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What To Expect
Running Remodeling Running Remodeling
ONE. The design ­build process starts as soon as you call or email us about your project ideas. We will schedule a time to talk with you over the phone to gather the pertinent details so that we can best understand your needs. Although it is very difficult to estimate costs this early on, we can give you information from projects we have recently completed and are comparable to your project. If our process, approach, and conversation skills fit with your needs, we would then schedule a time to come out to your home to meet you in person.
TWO. Prior to meeting at your home, we will email you a questionnaire to complete called “I Wish, I Want, I Need”, which will help you establish remodeling priorities. When we get together at your home, we will ask to hear more about your project ideas and see how you want to change your space, as well as to establish a budget. We will also review the information you have filled out on the questionnaire in detail. We will go through this information in detail so we can begin to strategize how to best apply your budget to your existing conditions and your future goals.
THREE. After the initial consultation and review of your “I Wish, I Want, I Need” questionnaire, we will create a Design Proposal, which will outline our design process, next steps, and budget outlines. We take extra care to include your design goals in this document as well as a budget range for construction costs based on our discussions thus far. Our goal is to minimize surprises! We don’t want to tell you we can do something for an unrealistic cost or propose a design, which far exceeds your budget.
FOUR. Once you sign and return the Design Agreement, the real fun begins! We will survey your home, develop preliminary design solutions just for you, including drawings, a scope of work, preliminary cost estimates, and finish and material recommendations. The materials we present at these meetings provide a springboard for further discussion and design development. We will also be reviewing the permitting and structural needs for your project during the design phase. As the drawings and design continue to take shape, We will provide a more refined construction budget based on your project goals and selections. We will do our best to give you the cost implications of different design solutions. Part of enjoying the remodeling process is knowing that you can afford it. We are committed to keeping costs at a level that you can live with.
FIVE. A successful remodel depends on the clarity of the design. For this reason, the construction contract is accompanied by detailed project specifications. These specifications ensure that your design has been carefully estimated and you know exactly what to expect. At the end of the design phase, we will have completed a permit submittal package and full construction documents based on all of the work we have done together for your project. We will review those carefully with you and we will present a final construction cost. Once you’ve signed off on those documents, we get the permits and establish a construction start date. Next we will schedule a meeting with you to meet the Production Manager in charge of your job and discuss how the construction phase will roll out. At this point, we are ready to bring in the power tools.
SIX. Throughout construction we will meet weekly at a designated time to discuss progress, resolve in the field decisions, and keep you apprised of progress. Our payment schedule is tied to key deliverables. At the end of the project, we will prepare warranty documents including a Care and Maintenance manual, and advise you of manufacturer’s rebates and tax rebates for which you may be qualify. We will also schedule a check ­in meeting to follow up with you a few weeks after the project is complete. While we won’t leave until the job is complete and you are satisfied, we want to make sure you are happy and enjoying your space long after the final inspection.