Running Remodeling
After getting several estimates, we asked Mike Running, President of Running Remodeling, Inc. to remodel our master bathroom. We were delighted with all aspects of the job. Mike was onsite and working along side his highly qualified team of experts. He was always available to answer our questions, which gave us a great deal of confidence in the process. All steps were completed by very skilled individuals who have worked with Mike for years. He even has an architect who provided valuable help in the planning. We have been delighted with our remodeled bathroom and would highly recommend Mike and Running Remodeling, Inc. without reservation. Moreover, we would be happy to talk to prospective remodelers. —Lee
Running Remodeling has been caring for our historic, three-story frame house for over 25 years, not only with interior renovation, design, and construction projects (closets, bookshelves, kitchen, bathroom, painting and plumbing needs), but also exterior projects (exterior siding, roofing, gutters, fence, stone steps, walkways and patio). We rely on Michael Running’s expertise and good advice, which is always thoughtfully given and invariably correct. Michael and his team of carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, and stone masons are totally reliable and pleasant, and proud of the quality work they do. We recommend his services with enthusiasm, knowing from our experiences that Michael will always be responsible for the work that he does and for maintaining the schedule that is agreed upon for completing the work. —Arthur K Wheelock, Jr. Curator and Professor of Art History.
Running Remodeling has served us very well on two big remodeling projects— the tear-down and rebuilding from ground up of our two-story back porches (converted into year-round living space), and the complete gutting and rebuild of our main bathroom (taking it down to studs and joists, and modernizing it from the 1970s to the 2010s). It was a pleasure to work with Michael from early conception through design and construction to final touches on both of these projects. He has an attention to detail and insistence on high-quality workmanship that made for a superb final product of both projects. Our "new" back porches (20 years ago) and our new bathroom (just a year ago) are welcome additions to our 100+ year-old house. —Henry Griffin
We were very happy with the quality of work from Mike Running and his team. Their work is excellent and they are also very courteous. We were so happy with the first remodel that we hired them again for a bathroom remodel. We highly recommend Running Remodeling! —Paul & Nancy
Running Remodeling is the only home remodeling contractor we have used for more than 15 years encompassing many projects from our third floor to our basement. They know how to work with older houses, which require a certain amount of skill and care. The Running team is thoroughly professional, highly competent and very easy to work with. They deliver high quality work on time and on budget and they stand behind their work. —Erika Z. Jones
I really love what you’ve done to my house. Life is unpredictable, but your work is not. It’s always great! —Tom Novotny
I am very appreciative of the very good service that Michael provided. He even made sure not to let my cat escape! —Erin Harrington
When we look back on those three remodeling months (finishing one month ahead of schedule!), we are still amazed at the ease of the project. Running Remodeling has shown us time and again, that we were getting excellent value for our money. —Cary Griffin & Tom Suber
Unlike some other contractors we’ve dealt with, we never felt we had to constantly check Michael’s work. His own personal standards are reflected in the quality of work. —Sandy & Michael Wax